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Which Is The Best Type Of Bark Collar For Your Dog?

Which Is The Best Type Of Bark Collar For Your Dog?

Dogs have reasons for barking and those reasons are as numerous as human babies have many reasons for crying. All dogs bark and each type of dog has a different bark. Then there are different types of bark: a bark for attention, a bark to alert you of something and a bark for food. Some dogs just love to bark constantly. A bark collar can be a solution to this problem. Several types of collars are available to help with excessive barking.

These are discreet as the fur covers the collar. As the barking continues, a light shock is produced. The voltage increases, notch by notch, until the dog stops barking. There are the rechargeable and automatic collars.

Another type of device works with sound and vibration sensitivity. It is able to switch off on its own and fits loosely around the neck. The holes are spaced approximately one inch apart. Alternatively, you can have a custom made collar fitted. If your dog puts its head out of the car window, the wind may turn the collar off. Once the collar has conditioned your dog, you can probably switch it off. He will still think it is on and most probably will not bark.

Another type of collar omits an odor and or noise when the dog barks. This one should not be worn all the time, but only when the dog gets too noisy. The odor and the noise do not appeal to dogs. You will notice that the dog tries to creep away when you pick the collar up.

After a few months, you will probably need to buy a new collar. The dogs will mangle them just by being dogs. Most companies will deliver you a new one with batteries as well. The bark collar is handy for times when you do not want your dog to bark. However, remember that barking is what dogs do best.

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